Step by Step Commercial Reseller Instructions

Step 1 - Purchase Viral Traffic Boost from THIS LINK.

Step 2 - Apply for affiliate approval HERE.
Please add ‘John & Dave Sent Me’ in the comments section, as well as any other information that you are asked for. This will assure you are guaranteed approval.

Step 3 - Create a simple squeeze page using the images located in the Reseller Tools > Promotional Images folder. You can also copy any text you require from THIS PAGE.

Step 4 - Set up your viral traffic campaign using Viral Traffic Boost and add your button to the page you created in step 3 above.

Step 5 - Set your pages as shown in the image below using the following links.

Download Link - Replace 'YOUR-JVZOO-ID' with YOUR JVZoo Affiliate ID and 'YOUR-CB-ID' with YOUR  ClickBank ID:

To get your 'JVZoo Affiliate ID' you need to login to JVZoo and go here. Then look where it says 'Your Affiliate ID'.

Your Affiliate Link - Get this from step 2 once approved.

Step 6 - Test everything to make sure it works.

That’s it, you are now good to go and can now start sharing your page.

If you have any issues please contact the Viral Traffic Boost helpdesk located HERE.